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Important and Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions - Pet Transport - updated 31st January 2021

Reservations  Reservations are secured by payment of a deposit of  £60  with the rest of the travel fee payable 7 days before the date of the trip. This deposit  amount is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.

Payment  Full payment must be received at least 7 days prior to travel.  Funds will need to be cleared in our account so please make sure adequate time is given for this with inter bank transfers or if paying by cheque.  All payments should be made in Sterling (GBP) unless otherwise agreed. You can pay by credit card through Paypal to get buyer protection.

Cancellations  Please inform us immediately should you wish to cancel your booking. Your deposit is not refundable but may be carried forward to another date.


Date of Travel: Collection and Delivery Dates – We do everything we can to stick to our scheduled dates but there may be circumstances beyond our control that affect them.

Food and Exercise during travel   Owners can  provide their own pet food if they wish, otherwise we offer a good quality pet food.  We will also provide food , clean bedding,  water and exercise (for dogs), clean bedding during unless otherwise requested.  Cats are provided with a cat litter tray.

Any special dietary or medical requirements should be confirmed on the booking form which will be sent to you at that time of reservation for completion.  All pets are transported in a fully air-conditioned, heated, insulated, clean vehicle and are not left unattended.

Documentation: We ask for a completed Authorisation to Travel Form and Booking Form.

Communication during Travel  You will be given regular updates via text, Facebook or email on the progress of your pet during its trip, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your pet is being well looked after.  We also have an online van tracker which you will be sent the link to.

Personal information  When you place your reservation you will be providing us with your personal information. We will use your personal information to process your reservation and collect/deliver your pet(s) as required, and for other limited purposes. Our collection and use of your personal information will be carried out subject to the terms of our Privacy policy.

Declaration  By making a reservation for pet transport you are confirming that being the owner of the pet(s), declare that the pet(s) identified by their microchip number  will accompany JS Pet Transport (the natural person) that you have designated to be responsible for the animal(s) on your behalf, and is/are NOT intended to be sold or transferred to another owner.